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Monday, 26 March 2012

For Thursday 12 May 2011

ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE (22.52 S 68.41W) (Second daysymptoms for general area but may be more northern.Probable 5 and probable multiples)VOLCANO ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION (25.52N 141.47E)(Second day symptoms for area. Probable 5and probable multiples)MARIANA ISLANDS REGION (21.01N 144.68E)(Probable 4.5 and probable multiples)Templeton, CA area (35.522 -120.795)(Probable 3 and probable multiples)SOUTHERN IRAN area (27.40N 53.70E)(Probable 3.5 and probable multiples)Ovando, MT area (47.094 -112.942)(Probable 3 and probable multiples)TAJIKISTAN (37.51N 72.02E) (Different symptombut becoming daily symptoms for general area.Probable 5 and probable multiples)Peace to all.

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